The Simple Reason Why You Struggle To Make Enough Money (& How-To Breakthrough)

Working harder, but no payout?

The simple truth about why you are not earning the income that you are capable of—at this moment— is because you do not believe that you are worth any more than what you currently bring to your table. Sound harsh? Maybe a little, but what if, by someone being so blunt, so harsh, that it was enough to turn your income around and upwards? What if getting honest about your mindset around money resulted in making enough of it? 

The famous quote, “In this moment, you are earning what you are worth,” says it best. It’s not your skills, education, job, or location (although all do play a part) that determine your income, but it’s your belief in yourself that ultimately caps or unleashes both possibilities and paychecks.

If you want to earn more money, start here.

Do you want to earn more money, get better returns on your investments, and experience a greater degree of financial freedom? I bet most people like the sound of that. I sure do. Sometimes, each one of us needs to “get out of our own way,” as we are the ones that unintentionally limit ourselves. Finding the freedom you desire financially begins with the one truth that:

you earn what you believe you are worth. 

Many of us have a problem with hearing that at first. We feel capable, confident, and think we deserve more. We crave more and even expect it. We play comparison games to those we deem as not putting in the work or may seem less deserving, but until we realize that it starts with ‘us’ and not ‘them,’ we will not only be miserable, but neglect to see the financial gains that we envision for our lives.

Be in the right place and space

If you set a goal to make $100,000 flipping burgers, you are more than welcome to do that, but let’s be realistic and logical for a moment. Unless you are a celebrity chef, the likelihood, feasibility, and possibility for that income level achievement is low; very low. 

The same applies to the field of real estate. You need to ask yourself, where is the most valuable place you can spend your time? Where are you spending your time now? Are your hours being consumed by rehabbing homes or acting as a DIY property manager? If you own the real estate business but are doing all of the tasks an assistant or bookkeeper does, you will witness your overall income potential drop. 

We will always have the freedom to choose our path, but any path in life does include its inherent limitations. Flipping burgers will rarely earn as much as a career as a lawyer. Property management will bring in additional income, but not to the degree that owning ten properties and outsourcing management tasks will increase income.

We live life, not a fairytale; meaning let’s dream, but be realistic. If you want to be paid what you believe you are worth, and that worth puts you in a high earners income bracket take into account the job you are doing. What are the complexities of your work? Are you easily replaceable? Does your career require unique skills and additional training? All of this affects your income potential.

Right mindset, wrong approach?

If you keep hitting your head against the wall, try walking through the doorway instead.
Insanity is defined as doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. Makes sense, but why do we seem to torture ourselves by being unwilling to adjust our strategies? A few degrees of differentiation at the very beginning will become a large gap over time. This can work in your favor or to your demise. Be on point and detailed regarding your direction, and if something’s not working for you, stop and re-evaluate. Look around you at all of the options. 

It could be that you are in the right place, almost. You are investing in REITs or acquiring rental properties, but failing to make what the elite investors are earning. Don’t let this discourage you, but instead, let it motivate you to create an approach that will help you approach the top!

To achieve different, you must do something different. Make bold actions and break limiting habits. If you recognize you are not at the place you would like to be, invest in yourself by using these six power steps. 

6 Power Steps

  1. Determine what your “reaching objective” is for your wealth, career direction, and personal lifestyle.
  2. Write the specific details of where you want to be and review these “facts” every morning and night before you start and end your day. This strategy has worked tremendously in my personal life, and I highly recommend it. Your mind will attract what you think about the majority of the time. 
  3. Be who you envision yourself being eventually— NOW! Own that person you are working towards becoming and start everyday looking, feeling, and acting as if you were him or her already. 
  4. Figure out the best logical and realistic tasks to get you where you want to be. For example, that could be taking a new job in a different field or learning an investment strategy you did not know before. 
  5. Replicate habits of someone who is already at the point you want to be. Study their style, habits, and work ethic. Use them as an example for your life.
  6. Accept more of what you want in your life. Believe you are WORTH IT!

Making enough money, ultimately starts with your mindset. Take stock of the details of your life and put that into the perspective of everything that you are learning to better yourself. You’re already ‘there,’ so act like it, and believe it!