6 Ways The Top 1 Percent Of Real Estate Investors Think Differently

Real Estate Investor Thinking

Falling into the crowd doesn’t take much focus, but if you desire to stand-out, achieve more, and do your life differently than the majority, you’ll have to think differently. Living in the one percent begins with a mental game unlike most. The top income earners, achievers, and athletes in their profession or field know that their thoughts direct their destiny. Elite real estate investors also keep a different mindset, but what is it that they think that makes such a difference? Here are six characteristics that the one percent live and breathe that is worth taking note of and implementing in your life.

Big Vision

The thought process that changed everything for me was “thinking bigger.” Creating a larger vision for my life was the biggest mindset shift in my personal journey. Although I’m sure you have heard this before, thinking on a larger scale is a foundation to everything else that you will face in your life. It’s a building block and a piece of the puzzle that cannot be forgotten. I challenge you to think about your life, goals, and direction; not just by looking at the place you are right now, but on a massive level, and I am talking HUGE! How BIG can you think?! Is that it? Take it one more giant step...THINK BIG!

Remain Objective

Life has depth and interest thanks to emotions. There is a purpose to feeling, but when it comes to the differences between those who reach the upper echelon of success and those who don’t, much of this hinges on emotion. Successful real estate investors know how to remain objective, as opposed to allowing their feelings drive their decisions and behavior.

Staying objective could not be more of critical necessity in real estate investing as there are emotionally charged moments that investors face every single day. If one cannot manage emotion, substantial costs and consequences will potentially result.

We have all had the moment when we lost our temper and made a rash decision and later thought why did I do that? This is why thinking objectively and not letting emotions cloud your judgement helps. Make it a habit to practice self-discipline and rationality to the point that it is your nature. Think before acting out and speaking up. Objectivity can save you millions.

Keep A Long Term Outlook

Successful people act on the principle that what they do today, matters for tomorrow. Regularly, one percenters ask themselves, “What choices can I make now that will prepare and empower me for my biggest long-term goals?” It’s typical that these types of individuals bypass short-term gains for long-term, sustainable rewards. If you want to think like the most “successful," it’s critical to keep a long-term outlook on life.

Be Inquisitive

One way that successful individuals think differently is by asking ‘How.’ Elite real estate investors are problem solvers with incredibly inquisitive personalities. They are always asking how to better themselves, implement more efficient systems in their business, or how to go about improving their future. The vocabulary of “can” or “can’t,” does not exist and instead, those words are always replaced with 'how.' For example, if I told myself I wanted to purchase a 300 unit apartment, but follow up with, “I don’t have enough capital,” your words are directing your end point. Instead, I will replace that with the question of, “How can I go about raising capital from others to acquire the deal?” Start asking ‘How.’

Believe In Abundance

When you maintain an attitude of abundance, and that there is more than enough in your life, you will manifest that into your actions and habits. Your belief system and the words you speak to yourself are powerful and life-changing. As one saying goes, what you focus on and think about is what results.

When you believe in abundance, you will live in abundance. There is room for more than just you at the top. Others don’t need to lose for you to win. There is enough inventory for you to buy. There are enough investments to make. There are enough good tenants for you to meet. There is enough for you in this

Practice Generosity

So, now that you believe in abundance and practice that in your life, is there any way you cannot be generous? I’m sure there is, but why would you want that?

Be generous proportionately to the abundance you expect in your life. Be generous with your knowledge, time, finances, relationships, and more. You will notice how much this way of living will change your life, as well as be of benefit to others.