The 5 Common Excuses That Block Investor Success (And How-To Break Through)


Distractions and excuses are found in limitless supply, especially for a real estate investor looking for success. If there is one thing that we can be certain of in this world, it's that there can always be an excuse as to “Why not.” Why not to do that thing we REALLY want to do. Why we didn’t make that deal. Why we aren’t working in a career we love. Why we are in a dead-end relationship. The reasons ‘why we don’t’ are there, but what are the most common excuses that trip us up, and how— as an elite real estate investor— can we break through?

First of all, let’s make it clear. There is no "success bandwagon" or free ride to the top. Trust me on this one. I can say from personal experience that achievement does not happen unless you commit to putting in the long hours and doing the hard work. Success from what I’ve witnessed takes incredible dedication, unrelenting motivation, and complete devotion to a goal because there simply isn’t an easy way to ‘get there.’ Sorry to be a crusher of (unrealistic) dreams/expectations. Success is a long-term journey, not a short-term gain (just ask Gary V).

First Excuse: AGE

“I’m just not the right age.” What is this? There is never a ‘right age,’ because what they say is true: “Age is just a number.” The younger generation has reached incredible levels of achievement and mature individuals have made it big. Age does not limit your abilities— your thoughts do! Stop allowing your excuses to control your destiny! In my business, 99 percent of my clients are the elder in our working relationship. My age has never crossed my mind in dealing with my clients, because age is not what matters. What matters is getting the job done.

Second Excuse: I can make the numbers work— ALWAYS.

When you determine that you can "make it work," despite what the numbers say, you’re going to be in trouble. Accomplishing great things cannot be forced. You will have to live in reality, while dreaming beyond what seems possible. For example, if there is a deal that just does not look right, do not put on your rose colored glasses, hoping to find any possible excuse as to why you should say yes to this opportunity. It’s great to be determined, but stubborn is a trait that will cause you trouble if you aren’t careful. Remember to remain as objective as possible when approaching any real estate deal.

Third Excuse: TIMING is not right

One of the most common things that I hear from real estate investors is, “I’m waiting for the right time!” It’s an age-old excuse that keeps some of the best on the sidelines. If you decide to wait for “the right time,” it will most likely cost you a great deal. Before you know it, you will have tallied up an exorbitant amount of missed opportunities. What to do instead of finding a perfect time, is to maintain a keen sense of awareness; looking for the deals as they come. Deals will come and go quickly, so if you wait in the background, you will be sure to miss them.

Fourth Excuse— Not GOOD Enough

This excuse is SO detrimental! You get what you expect out of life and what you work for. We often look at elite real estate investors and successful individuals, thinking that they are so much better than we are, but they began somewhere too. Why not think, “How great it is that I have a mentor to look up to and emulate?” as opposed to comparing yourself and your worth to their life. The next time you start giving yourself the ‘not good enough’ excuse, say— “We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it.”

Fifth Excuse— Things and money do NOT equal happiness

This excuse freezes progress, inhibits growth, and sabotages our future. Any person who does not have the cash, would also not have the experience to tell you whether or not having money creates happiness. This statement is often a psychological reflex that protects the ego when a belief exists that wealth is not achievable. It’s a defense mechanism. While money (in-and-of-itself) may not bring happiness, it does have the ability to provide freedom from stress and a 9-to-5 that you are not excited about. I honestly do not see any happiness in not having money. Having financial abundance allows for one less problem to worry about in life.


Ultimately, I hope you can take away from this how important it is to say no to excuses as an investor. These excuses can control your life, path, and destiny if you remain on auto-pilot.

As a real estate investor, you have the liberty of being “your own boss.” Don’t let excuses steal that away from you by becoming an employee of Mr. Excuse. Stay true to your motivation, dedication, and determination to reach long-term success.