The Myth You’re Being Sold: The Middle Class In America Is Dead (And What This Means For Your Future)

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You think of yourself as quite average— in a nice way. Cool photos on Instagram with the perfect filter added. Lots of friends on Facebook, a reasonably nice home or new condo in a safe area, and the latest fashion styles in your closet. You even boast a great job with a generous salary. You’re officially middle-class status, and you're happy about that, but what if I told you that self-placed socioeconomic status claim was a stretch? Because really, there is no middle class in America. IT’S DEAD...

It feels good to envision yourself in the middle-class range, because that means you have at least gotten somewhere. You’re not at the very top, but you aren’t at the very bottom either. In your mind, being ‘Middle Class’ is defined as A, B, & C, but in these times, what does it mean?

Widespread Debt

For some who live in middle-class status, it means debt. A LOT of debt. You also work A LOT. You own a few cool toys, maybe a nice car, bring in a six-figure income; but after all the bills, there isn’t much left over. It’s important to ask yourself a few pointed questions about where your life is heading.

  • What is your net worth?
  • How much leftover income do you keep each month?
  • Are you prepared for retirement?
  • Looking to the future, are you on the path to leave the legacy you desire?

What The Facts Say

I dug through the data on just how short Americans are coming up financially. What I discovered was shocking. The sad truth is that after a mortgage, car payments, credit cards, insurance, vacations and taxes, there isn’t anything left— at least not enough. People get stuck in the vicious rat race; working like crazy just to “make it work.” People buy a few nice shiny items, making them look good on the outside, but the real story is that they aren’t financially free.

The truth is that there really is no middle class in America. It’s a myth you’re being sold. It’s not enough anymore to retire well— some are even in fear that retirement is not even a possibility. We want the freedom to do the things we love and spend time with the people we love, but being in the middle isn’t going to create long term opportunity. It’s better than the bottom, but is it?

Dismal Details

The bad news is that it’s going to get a lot worse for people who consider themselves middle class. “The middle class is no longer a haven or the desirable destination it once was,” says Grant Cardone. Many believe that the middle class is effectively being pushed down and out, mostly resulting in a 99 percent and 1 percent scenario. 1 percent own all of the wealth; the remaining 99 percent stay stagnant in poverty. Cardone generously states that it’s not a spending problem on your part, but an income earning issue. $120k per year will no longer cut it. Grant’s advice? “Shoot to be a millionaire. That’s the new middle class.”

Now, Let’s Talk Positive

There is good news in here. I firmly believe that everyone is capable of changing their lives and situation if they have enough determination and focus. Change does not happen by being complacent. Time can never be replaced or the clock cannot turn back. When it comes to creating wealth, time can be both your best friend and worst enemy.

If you want freedom, financial security, and live to your full potential, you need to get ahead of the money game. You must!

One of the few ways that I know of that can change your economic state is through real estate investing. In this world, there are only a handful of opportunities that offer as much potential as real estate investing— and that anyone can learn and do!

You can use real estate to build wealth and passive income. Within real estate, there are many ways to get involved. Your task is to choose one and get started. Time waits for no man (or woman).