Do you ever wake up in the morning and find yourself unexcited and unmotivated? You drag your feet across the floor, force yourself to brush your teeth, change into your outfit and ultimately just trying to prepare yourself to go to work. Only, you don’t actually want to go that much. In fact, you rather dread it. If this sounds anything like you, don’t worry! This is a scenario that rings true to a many of us and while it sucks, maybe there are some questions that you should ask yourself before deciding your next course of action…

Do You Feel Excitement When a New Task Comes Around?

Sometimes you might feel a little bored with your job and you’re starting to second-guess yourself: “Do I really like my job?” Well, before you answer, you have to ask yourself this question first: “Am I Excited That There is Finally a New Task to Tackle at Work?” After all, sometimes our boredom isn’t actually from our lack of interest in the job itself, but is actually due to the staleness of the current situation. Hence, if you find yourself answering, “Yes, I am excited that there is finally something new to do at work,” then perhaps you actually love what you do, but you don’t enjoy remaining at a stalemate. i.e. you are always itching for something new to tackle. Perhaps working on a new deal! 

What Do You Often Find Yourself Thinking About When You’re Working?

When you are at work, do you often find yourself daydreaming? If so, what are you daydreaming about? Are you thinking about how you should go about tackling the next deal or perhaps you are simply dreaming about something else entirely? Ask yourself: “Am I daydreaming about work-related or something completely unrelated?” If you find yourself not concentrating, but still thinking about something related to the job, it is possible that your subconscious is telling you that you actually enjoy what you do. After all, your imagination is supposed to be the escape place of what you dislike – and if you keep daydreaming about your job, then essentially, it can’t actually be something you don’t like.

Is There Potential That Your Bliss Might Become Hell Once it Becomes a Job?

If you are adamant that you despise your job and can’t wait for the day you toss in the hat, say adios and slam the door, then be sure that you ask yourself this highly vital question before you make a concrete decision: “Can you see yourself pursuing your dream as a career?” This is simply because, while a passion can be fun as a hobby, when it turns into a job, it might just cause you to begin hating it too. If you believe that this sounds impossible, before doing anything rash, bear in mind that something that you used to do for leisure, for personal enjoyment and you often used as an escape from the real world, once it becomes a part of your reality, you might just think differently about it.

So ultimately, it is highly important that you select a career path that you ask yourself these three essential questions in order to find out whether or not you love what you do. Sure, money is great, but having a continuous drive to want to pursue what you do for income on a daily basis is vital for a healthy, long-standing career in whatever industry you are in.