6 Life Changing Words That Completely Transformed My Life’s Philosophy

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Those who can direct, mold, and motivate their thoughts in the direction that he or she desires most often live in the 1 percent of income earners and influencers. These are the people who we usually know, admire, and hope to emulate. You would be hard-pressed to find one successful, self-made individual who has not learned how to leverage their thinking to achieve success in their journey. Remember, your mind is one of the most powerful tools you will ever use on your path to becoming an elite real investor.

There is a common and straightforward phrase— reiterated in motivational circles and self-help content and it’s that;

“We become what we think about.”

These six words—originally found in The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale—has remained timeless and is classified as one of the most valuable motivational messages of all-time. Science has shown that one's mindset is a determining factor to success and life direction. Tony Robbins, motivational speaker and success coach, often discusses in his podcast how important it is to think about what you want, as opposed to what you don’t want. Because as the quote says, what we believe in; we become.

When I became focused on achieving success in the real estate industry as an investor, I knew that I would need to pay attention to my thinking patterns. My thoughts were the birthplace of my success. I would need to start first with me before a property. Throughout my interactions with others and myself, I would quietly remember the six simple words; “We become what we think about.” I would reflect on who I wanted to become. I would focus on where I wanted to be. These words are instrumental in driving success and business forward. I encourage you to implement these thoughts into your life. Here are three avenues you can use to achieve a more success driven outlook in your own life. 

“Your Mindset Creates Your Reality”

What you set your mind on will ultimately determine your direction and level of achievement in your life. If you as an investor decide to focus solely on success; success is precisely what you will attract. If you look at all of the things that you fear in your life, the worries, concerns, and negative invitations will be made manifest in your life.

The mind is a fascinating machine. Beliefs manifest into action. This process of thoughts driving success or failure often occurs unconsciously. If you continually believe you will fail; your first instinct will be to move towards doubt and insecurity. Believe in yourself; your vision, your plan, and your dream. Confucius once said, “The man who says he can and the man who says he cannot are both correct.” Brilliant!

“Envision Your Goals”

Knowing your outcome is crucial to success because to reach your mark, you need to be able to see your destination. Carrying your goals with you at all times AND referring to them will keep you from becoming distracted or negative. You can tape your goals to the visor of your car, create beautiful visuals for your wall or place the reminders in your wallet. My personal strategy is to write my goals when I wake up and before I go to bed. This keeps my goals fresh in my mind.

Remember what you want to achieve. If you are not sure what that is, take the time to reflect on your purpose, passion, and potential. When faced with a tough day, your goals will keep you grounded and confident. This “bump in the road” will not derail you, because you know that you can go around it, over it, or take a momentary stop— all because you know your outcome. Your goals make you see a disappointment as temporary; not life altering.

“Counteract Negativity”

Problems are both a blessing and a curse in life. If it weren't for challenges, we would never be problem solvers, develop compassion, or learn patience. We would exist as one-dimensional human beings, lacking depth and interest. Obstacles are part of life. We all face things that want to shake our vision and upset our core, but during these times of perceived discouragement, it's crucial to counteract negativity. Don’t feel down if you think you aren’t in the best of places. It could be your perception, and it’s possible that everything will turn around tomorrow. Invite positive messages into your life in bulk; taking in content and media that will inspire and influence you towards hope.

During seasons of stress, take time away to re-energize yourself by doing what you love most. Whether that be meditation, listening to inspirational podcasts, or finding a cozy spot to read your favorite book, always remember to take time to take care of you. Something that I have implemented in my own life— and recommend for your well-being— is to stay away from the negativity that comes with watching the news. The amount of negative information gathered from the news will drain your spirit. I literally have not watched the news in years.

Above all, the most important factor to success is you. Without you, there is no positive mindset and without a positive mindset, there is no success. Take an honest look at what you do on a daily basis. Applaud your progress, and make the necessary changes that will transform your life.

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