Quit Altogether— As A Real Estate Investor— If This Happens To You

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In every deal you ever make in your life— whether the agreement be personal or professional— it’s important to always give more value then you take. On that same note, if you reach the point of not caring about anyone else, reevaluate your priorities. This is especially important for real estate investors. The moment you stop caring about providing an excellent product or service, you should quit. If you cannot comprehend why it’s important to care about what you do and the people you are “serving,” it’s time to search for a new career.

It's About People

Real estate is about numbers and business, but ultimately, being a real estate investor is about people and the relationships that you create. You will not survive in life long-term if you use people to get ahead. When you provide the other person their wants and needs, you will often get what you want and need.

It can be difficult to help others when you are broke. Being poor doesn’t help you or anyone either. Find a balance between profits and people— always focusing on the side of people. When you forget to care about the best interest of the people you are housing or offering a service to; you can do more harm than good. You may not even consciously realize you are holding onto a selfish mindset, but those around you will eventually catch on to your game. When real estate moguls don’t care, they fall down a slippery slope of temptation and shortcuts.

Your team will see beneath your lack of sincerity as well. It’s not just home buyers, sellers, tenants, outside contractors and professional services firms that are impacted by your attitude and authenticity. The individuals that piece together your network are not objects to be easily replaced. Your team matters and when you treat them with consideration and care, they will respect you and work harder. Your “care” will trickle down into your associates caring. They will show determination, dedication, produce good work, and be loyal to your brand. If they don’t care, get ready for a challenging environment and uphill battle. Your company culture begins with who you are and who you care to be in your business.

At the company I co-founded and run, we hire based on a combination of attitude— choosing to focus on the person then skills second. My system isn’t a hiring mill that checks off resume bullet points. I question if this person is going to care about their job and the people that they are working with.

The Overflow Effects Of Caring 

If you take the time to care about others, also shower attention on those in your personal life as well as yourself. When I first got into real estate investing, everything moved so fast. It’s incredible how it’s possible in real estate to go from barely making a paycheck to cashing in big paydays and multi-million opportunities quickly. The pace can carry along with it unfortunate side effects. You could suffer from an over inflated ego and think that those you love and who love you are holding you back. That kind of thinking does not serve you, and it’s a myth.

Remember that it was you moving ahead. Your loved ones haven’t changed. You have, to be patient with them, because they are (absolutely) being patient with you. The real reasons and priorities that drove you into real estate probably had a lot to do with your loved ones, so remember them as you work towards success. If you have a child at home as I do, that means give them your full attention when you are with them. Ignore that voicemail. It will be waiting for you tomorrow…

It’s normal to experience burnout and lose your “heart” for your business at times. Don’t worry. You will find your passion and purpose again. Take a break. Try another angle. When you fall in love with real estate again (for the right reasons), your life will be so much better.