Create A Solid And Successful Business With One— Underrated, Yet Important— Trait

In a society of immediate gratification— and the ability to instantly buy and to have with the click of a button— the concept of working consistently (over a long period of time) is slipping away. We want things quickly. We have goals, and at points in the process, we even make a dedicated effort, but it isn't until we commit to the focused day-to-day work that we will truly excel. Consistency is critical— whether that be in business, life, relationships, or real estate.

Consistency happens to be one of the most under-appreciated qualities of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Consistent action towards long-term goals will often take the backseat to short-term goals. Let’s just look at 2008 as a reminder of what happens when we do that!

Consistency is the key, to unlock the door, to keep your cash flow coming in. If you are consistent with your work, you will hold onto a good reputation and keep a level of trust amongst the people you do business with. Your employees and partners will be able to rely on you and know you will show up when they need you. Your tenants will respect you— knowing if they have a problem, you will address it with a solution. What that means is that your turnover will decrease and you will have a higher occupancy rate, meaning more profits to you.

Consistency is the component that will fuel you forward when you think you are not making any progress in your business. You know that, if you take the little actions on a daily basis, eventually you will encounter those 'big moments.' You will be less overwhelmed when things seem to be going sour, because you know, that a year from now, the downsides can (and probably will) level into upsides.

When you create an environment of consistency in your business, you will handle stressful situations better and create a solid business, because you created a solid process.

Sterling White Real Estate Investor