6 Ways Journaling Will Improve Your Real Estate Investing Game

Have you ever wondered what simple practices you could add to your routine that would help you crush it, reach your goals, and stay focused? Writing down your thoughts, daily, is what many successful business people, entrepreneurs, and real estate investors have done to take their game to the next level. Daily journaling is a habit that will help you as a real estate investor and here is why.

Journaling Builds Focus

One of the habits that I have created for myself is to write out my goals twice a day— once when I wake up and once when I go to sleep. This is what I have found to work for me, but there are many ways to journal. The attention that you place on your goals, through journaling, definitely will allow you to hone into what is important on a day-to-day basis.

Journaling Develops Daily Wins

When you keep your goal of daily journaling, you can celebrate this win. You prove to yourself what you can accomplish and what you are capable of doing. When you have a tangible win that happens everyday this will build your confidence and move you towards additional wins.

Journaling Creates A Success Record

When you journal, you keep a record of where you’ve been and how far you’ve made it. It gives you a snapshot of your progress. Journaling is especially important when things aren’t going right. We so easily find ourselves stumbling back into negative thinking, that having a success journal can be the reminder, just in the moment we need it— especially when you incorporate writing your purpose within the journals. You see what you’re aiming for big picture wise. This has always helped me know that “yes” today or even next week has not been the best, but I am still fine because working towards my purpose is a marathon not a sprint.

Journaling Is A Yearly “Check-Up”

Journaling is a way to reflect your change, growth, and development from one year to the next. At the beginning, I had decently sized goals but now, I have shifted my business model and my goals to be much bigger. Journaling can give you yearly insight into your mindset shift, and that is a pretty cool to experience.  

Journaling Develops Healthy Habits

It’s been stated that successful individuals are the result and sum of their positive, daily habits. If that’s the case, and many wealthy and influential people journal, than this is a habit that we can model. Daily journaling can also be a foundation for more good habits. You could begin journaling in the morning instead of checking Facebook or Instagram. After that, you take a run. Every positive action can be the block to build to the next positive action.

Journaling Offers Insight For Another Generation

There are many times that we do not have the opportunity to pass along the knowledge that we really want. Time is precious and sometimes short. Children may not be interested in the knowledge we have right now, but someday, it could benefit them. Journaling is a powerful, beautiful, and thoughtful way to pass along your thoughts, hopes, and habits to another generation.

Journaling For Success