3 Reasons Why You Are Currently Unable To Meet Your Goals (And What To Do About It)

Do you ever wish you could find a time machine to take you back to moments in your life that you wish you would have done differently? Sometimes, when I switch off the lights at night, I lay in bed wondering how I could have done things differently— how I could have done things better. I wonder how my story would have been if I had had someone with me to learn from and mimic. I wonder if I would have faced less setbacks and challenges.

I can almost guarantee that you may have found yourself wondering similar things about your own life. This “what if” style of thinking can drown your inner voice of motivation and confidence at times. What you need to focus on instead is that there is always time to improve and always time to learn from the past. You are the one who makes tomorrow better. You are the one who sets your sights on goals and creates a plan behind them to achieve them. My one piece of advice is that you start now and not wait for tomorrow. If I had known the following tidbits of insight when I was younger, I would have been much farther ahead, and that is why I want to share them with you now.

There are reasons why most people don’t reach their goals or ALMOST reach their goals. Grant Cardone wrote a book called ‘The 10x Rule.’ This book is such an important foundation for my own success, and it has helped me throughout my career. I learned the difference between winning and losing. The main idea that I took away from Grant’s book is the concept that you will be able to achieve anything you hope for in life if you are able to leverage what you are doing through other people’s money, other people’s time, and other people’s expertise.

There are three reasons that many people are unable to reach their goals. If you are able to adjust these little things, then you will be more likely to meet your marks. First of all, a lot of reaching your goals is about your level of drive and ambition. You need your motivation to be on overdrive as that is your fuel to succeed and push you forward. Second, fear will hold you back. Third, the goals you aim for are a little bit too realistic. You need to make your goals hard to reach and ALMOST impossible to achieve.

Stretch Yourself

When you push yourself to succeed, you will find that you are capable of more than you ever thought was possible. The main reason I have been successful in my business is that I constantly chose to challenge myself. I don’t shoot for fifty properties to acquire; I hope to reach five-hundred. This means that I plan my process on a bigger scale and do more leading up to the goal’s achievement. The truth is, your outcome is automatically affected by your actions.

Avoid Excuses

Excuses are like a pesky disease of your mind that constantly haunts you. Negativity can surround and consume you— causing you to justify poorly performed tasks. Simply stated, you need to control your excuses before they control you. When you have the power over your mind, you will be able to push back any setbacks that happen in your way.


The main point is this— you are the creator and initiator of your destiny. Set high reaching goals for yourself and take the needed actions to achieve them. You will be better off for doing this.