Why It's More Important To Build Wealth Through Small Wins And Not Big Steps

Building blocks for success

All dream of "getting ahead" financially. Most aspire to be free from financial concerns; hoping to crack the code and solve all of their financial goals and concerns. When it comes to the money game, is it about waiting for the big “eureka” moment? Some hope that they will stumble upon wealth in one giant leap, sitting around wishing the lottery ticket will pay off— all the while stalling, delaying, and minimizing any potential for success.

Building wealth is not about a big leap, but small daily habits taken every day in the committed direction and with intention. [TWEET THIS]


Neil Armstrong said, “One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” That small step by Armstrong— an inspirational icon in history— made him a legend and that moment; one to be forever remembered. Although an enormous event, it truly was only a small step. Landing on the moon is a big accomplishment, but it wasn’t Armstrong who built the rocket or made the mission happen through his work alone. It was a collective group of like-minded and motivated individuals, who worked over time, that created a lasting impact on humanity and science.

Your Masterpiece

If you dream of being the next Buffet, Zell, Winn, Winfrey, or other uber-wealthy individuals— set for retirement and comfortable in their current economic state— you won’t be able to wait on the sidelines hoping for “your big break.” I started at the age of 19 in this field and constantly strive to better myself everyday. I ask myself, “What is something I can learn today that will help me in the future?”

Lifestyle goals and business pursuits are accomplished by those who take action on a daily basis. They are the innovators, the leaders, the ones we aspire to become. If you choose to postpone working on your masterpiece, you’ll be waiting. You might have your 15 minutes of fame, but your odds to live the life you love and in an abundant manner are limited. When you are the driver of your life, the possibility and potential of having extra funds and slack to create and pursue your passions are simply greater.

Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

The greatest minds and innovators “stood on the shoulders of giants” to get to where they are at today. They didn’t forge a new path but used the wisdom of the past to give momentum to their future. My partner and I are taking down our first apartment project and tapping into our network of mentors for feedback. These mentors have “been there done that.” We can learn from their mistakes, and this will allow us to stay ahead of the curve.

Once you gain more knowledge and experience, as well as capital, you will have the opportunity to pursue other ventures if you decide. Your path to success will be a lot quicker, and you will make wins faster if you piggyback upon the achievements and knowledge of those who have already paved the trail.

You Have The Key

The key to success is to jump on opportunities. Start with what you have, with where you are at— one small step at a time. Keep stepping. Invest what you can. Let it grow. Do more. Bank and snowball those small successes. Build on it. Don’t wait. MOVE!