4 Daily Habits To Achieve Excellence As A Real Estate Investor

Achieve Excellence Success Real Estate

As Aristotle said, “We become what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.” For those purposefully determined to live on a route of success— achieving excellence in areas of business, relationships, and health— the actions taken daily are instrumental to accomplishing goals.  I have noticed in my own life and business, it was the daily habits (that seemed small) which really made a big difference in the long term. If you hope to get ahead in real estate and in your life, take stock of your daily choices. Are those choices helping your growth or pulling you back?

Here are steps that I have implemented that have worked for me. Hopefully, you will find them useful also. There is no set blueprint to achieve success. Multiple routes can help you achieve your dreams and make things happen for you in this market place.


Be a constant learner

Knowing the latest trends, news, and reports in the field of real estate are absolutely necessary. The elite investors make it a habit of going ‘above and beyond’ what is required of them; choosing to bestow a high-level of value in all circumstances. Going ‘above and beyond’ also includes that task of learning. In a field as dynamic and ever-changing like real estate is, it is easy to fall behind the best if you do not make educating yourself a constant priority. The Top CEOs in America read, on average, 60 books per year. The simple act of reading may be all that you need to revolutionize your business. Find one to two people who are where you want to be, and replicate what they do. Choose your people wisely, and avoid trying to follow too many. As an example, when it comes to sales and real estate, I replicate things from Grant Cardone.


Be intentional and giving in social interactions

Although many people have a negative response to the word, “Networking”— creating social business opportunities will be of great benefit to you in your path to improving yourself and your business. Creating a social circle of like-minded and highly motivated individuals is critical to achieving excellence in the real estate and cannot be ignored. Meet-up with other investors as often as you can. By meeting real estate investors, you will offer yourself another chance to learn what to do and what not to do. By listening to the experiences’ of others, you will understand real estate investing more thoroughly. To ‘network’ properly, you must show generosity; lending a helping hand and giving value to others as well. Make all of your relationships mutually beneficial, and keep your real estate business social!


Lead the team

The best investors are leaders, and although you may be already heading down the path to success, remember to be a source of inspiration and a person others know they can trust. Achieving success in real estate does not mean you can sit back and do absolutely nothing. As an elite investor, you will become more adept at managing a team, communicating, and listening. Create an open dialogue with your group; discussing different methods, setting new goals, and looking for feedback. Facilitating great relationships with your team members will motivate them to work harder and allow your business to grow in a quick, but healthy way. 


Be Financially Active

To reiterate a point made previously, the best of real estate investors do not sit passively back expecting someone else to work on their accounts for them. Perhaps you are one of the real estate investors who has a team to assist you with daily business operations and financial data but make sure that you have a personal grasp on money coming in and money going out. By knowing the details of your business, you will have a better idea of where you can improve and what you should invest more time and capital in.

There is no way to master these four habits to perfection, but by consciously making an effort to work on them daily, you will notice positive progress. Take confidence in yourself and your abilities, and enjoy the journey to excellence!