4 Advantages Of Using New Communication Technology As A Real Estate Investor

Real estate investors have a lot of advantages to accomplishing business tasks and goals with greater ease. New technologies are making it easier to find and source through multiple channels. What is great is real estate investors don’t necessarily need to “be in-person” for every transaction. Technology is advancing quickly, and with new ways to communicate being introduce, investors can really capitalize on their potential as entrepreneurs.

Stay Open-Minded

I know change is not always easy to wrap your head around. It can be hard to embrace new technological advancements and trends. There are just so many new gadgets and apps to make your life better, that can be daunting; easier to stay in your bubble of “what you know.” The thing is though, unless you learn to adapt as a real estate investor, you will be left behind. The best tools available now could be obsolete tomorrow. You need to stay efficient, competitive, and position yourself in the best way to connect with your prospects. So, how does tech change the way we do business and how customers see us?

Getting in-touch with buyers and sellers

The ways that buyers and sellers communicate is so different than it used to be. Most people prefer video messages and emails over phone calls. Google Hangouts has also become popular. To get the most out of your business, use the favorite method of your leads and clients. They will be happier and you will make an easier “sell.”

Communicating with vendors

Let me tell you something about Skype and FaceTime. It’s GREAT! Recently, I did an entire walkthrough of a property with my contractor by using FaceTime. He was traveling, but we still got things done! By taking advantage of technology as a real estate investor, you can save time and money. If we didn’t have the tool of video chatting in this situation, we lose out on getting rent due to the fact that we were a few weeks behind, which leads to leasing the property at a later point and getting a tenant in place.

Great customer service

There are great tools out there to help manage rental units and give real estate investors a simple way to offer good customer service. My partner and I no longer use spreadsheets to track our rental properties financials, but have moved to a software called PropertyWare. We find it incredibly beneficial. You have to pay for this type of software, but it’s worth it because it will save you time and make it easier for you to run your business. You can share information and update investors, and it's simple. For us, we were able to increase our efficiency and have better returns.

Share the message

If you are someone who wants to create a real estate company or help others in their investing strategy, new technology will be your best friend. Communicating via video is important and you’ll always have to care about “old school” SEO. I mean, if no one can find you on Google, you have bigger problems to face.

Simply put, we have many communication choices that help us connect to anyone in their own specified medium. Look how well podcasts and videos are doing? You have so many avenues to push your ideas into the marketplace. It’s time to take advantage of that!

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