The Price Of Fear: Why It Could Be Costing You Millions & How-To Overcome It

It’s a fair bet to make that no one is immune to fear. There is a reason that fear is ingrained in our DNA; a preservation mechanism that kept our ancestors alive through predators, enemies, drought, or famine. But, in today’s age, ninety-nine percent of the time, fear misleads us or traps us for no legitimate reason. In fact, by listening to our fears, we prepare ourselves to get what we don’t want. What has fear cost you recently? How much are you losing every single day to fear? What can you do about it?

The Price Of Fear

Many are afraid when it comes to finances and investing. They consider what they don’t want; focusing on their fears when it comes to money and investments. By focusing on the negative, it manifests the unwanted in your life. Part of moving forward into a better, more abundant future is dependent upon acting. If we do not act, we are choosing failure and financial hardship for ourselves.

If you take account of your losses to date— the moments that included those when you were too scared to act— the number of lost opportunities is probably excruciatingly high. How can you overcome what holds you back and earn the millions, the life, and reach the goals that you want?

Grant Cardone— best-selling author, international speaker, and CEO of four private companies— admits that he is not immune to fear. He dedicated an entire article to it even! So, if it’s true that even the best-of-the-best and the most successful among us suffer from fear, how can you overcome and begin achieving what you really want?

Facing My Fear

There was one quote that changed the game for me. It was something that Ralph Waldo Emerson said.

“Do the thing, and you will have the power.”— Emerson [TWEET THIS]

This statement helped me take action in areas of my life that I was afraid, and by taking action, it diminished my fear. One of my biggest fears, which many can relate to, is the fear of failing. What got me past this was by taking action.

I tell people that the best ideas lie in the graveyards. The majority of individuals never actualize their dreams, goals, or ideals, because they are too afraid. So, they take what could have been their best life to the grave. It’s a shame as those ideas that they could have acted on would have bettered mankind. Then, there are the outliers like Sam Zell, who made the bulk of his wealth by investing when everyone else was too scared.

Take The Steps

Do you want to achieve your dreams and get over your fears? Start implementing a few actionable steps into your life. Start with these three items to conquer the fears in your life that could be costing your millions.

  1. Write your goals down repeatedly.  

  2. Take notes of your fears; the fears that are blocking you from your goals.

  3. Adopt a “whatever it takes” attitude— Obviously, whatever it takes, within legal reason, but assume full responsibility for your goals and take action to get there.

By applying these simple and practical steps to your life, you will win.

Drop The Excuses

If you need excuses as to ‘why not,’ you won’t have to look that far. It’s time to drop the reasons you 'can’t' and believe how 'you will.' Too old, too young, too ugly, unintelligent, broke, or whatever else you find in the book is not a legitimate fallback plan. These are just lies. It’s time to believe a new truth that you are strong and capable; able to face your fear and push through failure.

The Laundry List

Take a look at your list; the one that was created around fear and unbelief. Is it worth reviewing or believing? Why are you allowing it to cost you so much? Your relationships, health, money, and ultimately your life?

Power In Action

There is power in action. Take for example this scenario. You are 30 years old and have been investing since you were 20; beginning with just $10,000. You placed this into a $100,000 property or portfolio, gaining a modest 10 percent return, while putting in an additional $10k each year. All of this would equal an extra $200,000 right now thanks to compound interest. If you continued this until you were 40 years old and did nothing else, you’d have almost $700k. How much do you have in the bank? In equity? In passive income? How much has fear already cost you? $700k, $2M, $20M?

There is an incredible amount of danger in inaction. If you do not act now, you will lose even more. Or, you can gain all that and more. It’s truly up to you.