Why Virtual Reality Is Turning The Real Estate Industry Upside Down

Virtual reality will turn the real estate industry upside down, and for those who want to make it to the forefront, it’s time to adopt this technology. Think about all of the possibilities that virtual reality can add to your business? You could be walking through a gorgeous ‘For Sale’ property from the comfort of your office chair or home. With virtual reality, you save time and it creates a one-style approach to property viewing.

Google Hangouts and Skype has made remote meetings and property walkthroughs possible for a few years, but the latest in VR technology is running with that and creating even more opportunity for real estate investors. Virtual reality is foundational to the future of real estate marketing. It’s not only cool, but useful and essential. VR will offer the real estate companies who choose to use it, a “one-up” on others and will better connect to the customer.

Property walkthroughs from a distance

The apparent use of virtual reality is the ability to view properties when you aren’t actually there AND it still feel real! The technology can easily allow for updates and renovations to be shown and yield immediate reactions. By suggesting changes before actually making them, you will be able to save money and maybe even up-sell a client on a certain feature addition because he or she will really “feel it” as opposed to imagining what you explain.

I see virtual reality helping real estate agents do their jobs better, as opposed to replacing their role (hopefully). Agents won’t need to make appointment after appointment and go to every single property, but can show off a dream home (and more than one!) from only one location. Leasing agents will also benefit as they won’t have to show off every unit to a prospective tenant. The time saving feature of virtual reality is powerful!

Reach lucrative markets

Investors benefit from virtual reality because they are able to find deals in a more efficient way and the technology offers a process of due diligence that works— minus the travel to each individual property. Profitable opportunities in other areas and even internationally are also at an investor’s fingertips with virtual reality.


With virtual reality, real estate investors and agents may go further than the typical (and old school) virtual tour and video conference. Drone photography, interactive signage, and 3D TV has changed the way we do business. Still, many are falling behind the times. It’s important to remember to look forward to the future of business by taking advantage of the power of technology and utilizing the reach of internet marketing. Many have said that they believe that, by using those two strategies in their business, that would have made the biggest difference.

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