College: The Step To Financial Security Or One Big Scam?

It’s wondered if a university education in America has become one of the biggest financial scams in history considering how many graduates struggle to find employment post-graduation. There are many benefits for attending college as it can be an excellent way to discover one’s life passion, but young adults should also understand that there are other avenues to create a successful career besides investing in higher education.

College Education Real Estate Investing

I grew up uninterested in formal education, but keen on learning and maintained an entrepreneurial spirit during my formative years. I was far more excited for the minutes between classes. That was my time to come alive and hustle. On any given day, my peers could be found buying Pokemon cards, candy or CDs from me. I was the anomaly of the group but found enjoyment in doing things differently.  

Many seventeen-year-olds rarely consider what they are committing to when beginning their university education. The act of going to college is simply what everyone that age does or what parents expect of their children.

How many college students are only "following the herd?”

I believe that I can provide a unique point of view on this topic as I do have an education and can portray the choices fairly. The debate on whether college is a good investment or not is waged between school institutions and their sales machines versus real estate elites who never attended college. I may be one of the very few who attended college but has also become a real estate entrepreneur.

I survived four years of study in a degree that had absolutely no relevance to everyday life. Period. In deciding to go to college, I simply went with the pack; without a second thought. That of course, I realize now— was a mistake. Attending college without thinking of other options is a mistake made in every type of community in America; from the most privileged to those who have never had a family member go to university. To my benefit, during my stint at university, I found my interest in the real estate world.

Is it smarter to go to college or jump into real estate to invest full-time?

The fact that college is a business, and a big one at that, cannot be ignored. Still, certain occupations require a college degree. Few of us can argue the fact that medicine or law cannot exist without education. Besides various specialized university training programs, college is big business. The student loan crisis is crippling our economy and much of the reason that many millennials cannot buy homes. Even with this harrowing statistic, tuitions continue to rise. Students continue to graduate, only to discover their degree doesn’t assist them in landing a job.

There is no question that education is important; however, it’s important to recognize that there are many learning options. There are ways to advance your education that will not also include a lump of debt for the remainder of your life.

Billionaire Peter Thiel is known to pay individuals $100k to quit college. Many successful entrepreneurs have dropped out of school to build prosperous companies. There is no one avenue to success. College can be extremely beneficial for some, as it can lead to instrumental networking opportunities.

Knowing what the right choice for you is a question that must needs answered. College or entrepreneurial investor? I suggest taking time to think about it before going to university and submitting yourself to mountains of debt. What do you really want? What do you enjoy doing? What are you good at?

Avoid following the herd. Think for yourself now, and choose the path that will fast track you to where you want to be and yield an enjoyable journey.