Are You A Recent College Grad Asking, “Now What?” This Advice Is For You

We just celebrated college graduation season and if you were one of those who threw your cap in the air— having high hopes and aspirations for the future— congratulations! You set your mind to something and accomplished it, but now what? There are so many questions going through your mind as you transition from student to the real world. How will you make money? What path should you take? Are the goals that you have as profitable as you believed that they once would be? It’s possible that the original career path that you thought you would take doesn’t look as attractive as it once did. Both the salary and working conditions don’t measure up.

You could make the most of it and plug away at what doesn’t make you happy or you could go back to school for something else. Have you ever considered real estate investing and creating the necessary income to enjoy the lifestyle that you really want?

The Option Of Going Back To School

Many college graduates decide, after the first career path closely after college doesn’t work out, to return to school for another degree. My personal opinion (and strong) opinion is, please do NOT do this! If you think you need another degree to succeed as a real estate investor, think again. The cost of additional and advanced degrees are pricey and take away some of your best years. My own story is that I went to school for human biology, but left to pursue real estate investing full time. I don’t ever recommend school in the first place and definitely advise against going back. There are better ways to build the life that you dream.

Learning By Doing

There are students who graduate with amazing degrees, achieved exceptional grades, went to the best schools, but can only manage to get jobs that barely cover the bills. It’s a tough job market and to get a job is often hard for new graduates, and sadly, not enough time is spent educating college students of other options available besides “employee.” Real estate investing is an option to create income, gain real-world experience, and be your own boss, and you don’t need much to get started. Housing will always be in demand and no one is checking to see what degree you have.

The best way that anyone can learn is simply by going out and doing it. There is no substitute for real world experience. Classrooms cannot really provide ‘in the field’ experiences. Education generally teaches that failing is what must be avoided, but out of the classroom, mistakes and tough lessons are the most valuable of teachers. Individuals continue to pay tens of thousands of dollars to be programmed, through higher education, to follow the crowd and accumulate mountains of debt in the process. Nothing is taught on how to achieve financial freedom— which is important in the real world. Most people after achieving their college degree live by, “just getting by."

Go For It

There are many other ways to learn, especially in real estate investing. Instead of going to school and adding to your debt like college does, why not work for an expert investor for free or minimum wage to get the knowledge that you need to advance? Many discover that real estate investing can get them to their wants and needs better than anything else. Many successful professionals are choosing to go the route of “investor” due to the opportunity that is present. If you have the chance to go for it now, why wait?

Make The Most Of Your Degree

If you are in school now or just got out, make the most of your degree by using the time spent in college or grad school to build your network. Keep your contacts. Contacts are often of the greatest value out of anything that happened from your time spent at school. You never know who your peer will turn into; possibly a buyer, seller, renter, or even business partner. It’s important to always continue to learn. Remember to never put your income or your life on pause. Start in real estate this week.

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